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3rd of July 2020

Dredging Is Essential to Pond Health

A Tale of Two Cuts: A decade of dredging in Edgartown Great Pond has increased the circulation of seawater throughout the Pond during openings, which has resulted in measurable improvements to water quality and ecosystem health.  Before annual dredging began, EGP had impaired water quality, frequent algal blooms, and a struggling oyster population.  With regular […]

8th of May 2020

Island Resilience

The water that divides us from the mainland, unites us as a community. Martha’s Vineyard is celebrated for abundant and beautiful natural spaces, but one of our greatest assets is our strong and resilient community. Our physical isolation from the mainland reminds us of the essential role our community and its resources play in our […]

23rd of March 2020

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle Pair Visits EGP Bald Eagles have been seen near Edgartown Great Pond in recent years. Yesterday, Sunday March 22nd, while the Pond was draining into the Atlantic Ocean, a pair of bald eagles was spotted in the air above the Pond. The Gazette reports that the pair recently nested in an undisclosed location […]

Spring Cut 2020

EGP Spring Opening: March 2020 Edgartown Great Pond was about 3.7 feet above sea level before the barrier beach was cut open to the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, March 22, 2020.Β  The Pond was began draining with a strong flow and was still draining as of Monday afternoon.Β  There are two phases to every cut: […]

5th of March 2020

Data & Pond Health

Data Supports the Continued Health of Edgartown Great Pond EGP has a vibrant and thriving ecosystem thanks to the data-driven management by the Town of Edgartown, the scientific monitoring and conservation by GPF, and the oyster restoration of the MVSG. The elevation of the Pond is on the rise as we head towards spring.  Data indicate […]

Science Team Grows

Julie Pringle Promoted to Scientific Program Manager As of January 2020, Julie Pringle became the second full-time year round member of our scientific staff team. Julie joined Great Pond Foundation in April of 2019 and quickly became an indispensable member of our team. Julie combines a strong work ethic, excellent scientific background in biological oceanography, […]

GPF Council

Great Pond Foundation Council We are delighted to report that a group of leaders from around the Pond has come together to form the Great Pond Foundation Council. Each member of this team brings an immense amount of professional experience and a true commitment to the future preservation of Edgartown Great Pond. The GPF Council […]

30th of January 2020

STEM Camp 2020

REGISTRATION OPEN – Underwater Robot STEM Camp 2020 Monday August 3rd – Friday August 7th, 2020 GPF is hosting its 4th ROV Summer STEM Camp from August 3rd – August 7th 2020 at the Edgartown School. Do you know any students who want to learn about careers in engineering and marine science? This class is […]

1st of January 2020

EGP 2019 – A Year in Images

2019 – A Year in Images As the decade comes to a close, it is natural to reflect on all that has happened.  In our personal lives, and in health of the Pond, there are many events that have shaped what we experience today.  In 2009 GPF launched Nessie in response to the recommendations of […]

27th of November 2019

Giving Thanks

Gratitude List: We are grateful for… a great Fall cut, the Pond is still tidal and flowing Paul Bagnall, for getting the Pond open at a critical time to protect the eelgrass our continued partnership with the town of Edgartown, using data to inform management the Great Pond Foundation Council, a newly formed group of […]