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19th of November 2019

Fall Pond Opening

Cut Update! The Pond was cut this past Saturday, November 16th, 2019, at the start of a 3-day Nor’easter by Paul Bagnall and his team. It remains open as of the writing of this post. Pond height dropped from 3.6 feet above sea level to 1.8 feet in the first 24 hours. We braved a […]

12th of August 2019

Pond Elevation and Navigation

Some years it seems more difficult to navigate to the barrier beach. The Pond was shallower in July of 2019 than July 2018 because of the timing of the opening. For most of the summer in 2018 the Pond elevation was 2.4-2.5 feet above sea level. After the cut in on July 29th, 2019 the […]

Pond Preservation & Algal Blooms

Pond Preservation in a Changing Climate: Both this summer and last, Edgartown Great Pond has exceeded 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the upper limit of temperature range for healthy ponds.  Excess heat puts stress on the delicate balance of the Pond’s ecosystem.  Most native animals and plants are adapted to cooler temperatures.  Their biological cycles can be […]

GPF Annual Report – 2018

Explore our work in the 2018 Annual Report! We are proud to bring you Great Pond Foundation’s Annual Report – 2018.  Please explore our work and learn about how our work over the last decade has made Edgartown Great Pond a Restoration Success Story. ~ Learn how Local Conservation can have a Global Impact. ~ […]

16th of July 2019

Eelgrass Ecosystems

Explore Eelgrass Ecosystems: Eelgrass is a native seagrass that grows in our shallow coastal waters. Eelgrass requires clear and clean water, which makes it an indicator of water quality and overall ecosystem health. However, this is a fragile species that has been struggling both locally and globally. Local Conservation has Global Impacts Coastal ecosystems are […]

Jellyfish and Seal Sightings

Jellyfish & Seal Sights in July Clinging jellyfish, Gonionemus vertens, were recently spotted in Edgartown Great Pond by members of the Edgartown Shellfish Department and the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group. The jellyfish were observed near Wilson’s Landing and on the southwest shore of Kanomika Neck. Clinging jellyfish were first observed in EGP in July of […]

Before and After the Cut

Water Quality Before & After the Cut By Justine Cassel, GPF Summer Intern 2019 Cutting the barrier beach to flush out Edgartown Great Pond with water from the Atlantic Ocean has been used as a management practice for decades. In continuing this informed management of the pond, a cut was made this summer on June […]

15th of April 2019

Every Cut is Unique

Every cut of Edgartown Great Pond is unique.  Historically we have monitored the timing and duration of openings.  Another important thing to consider is the amount of water coming into the Pond as measured by the change in elevation between high and low tide. EGP was cut on March 24th, 2019.  The Pond drained for […]

Success Story

Edgartown Great Pond is a Restoration Success Story We love being the bearers of good news and the release of the January 2019 Water Quality Report by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and MEP scientific teams affirms Great Pond Foundation’s assertion that Edgartown Great Pond is a restoration success story.  In February 2018 GPF released a […]

25th of March 2019

Summer Science Speaker Series

Local Waters, Living Waters: GPF is hosting a summer science speaker series in 2019 featuring experts in the field of estuary science. Need a refresher on the difference between micro algae and macro algae? Do you want to learn how to interpret water quality data? Curious about native and invasive species? Want to learn what […]