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23rd of June 2021

Opening & Elevation

When is it time to cut EGP? Although the elevation of Edgartown Great Pond is on the rise, it is not quite high enough for a cut. The Pond is currently approximately 2.9 feet above sea level, below the 3.5 foot minimum threshold needed for a successful cut.  Since GPF began monitoring the elevation of […]

Jellyfish Sightings

Clinging Jellyfish Caught During Beach Seine: Clinging Jellyfish have again been spotted in Edgartown Great Pond. First observed in EGP in 2018, clinging jellyfish, officially known as Gonionemus vertens, pack a powerful sting. GPF received reports of clinging jellies in Slough Cove from Martha Cohan and from our science team who observed them when conducting […]

31st of March 2021

Excellent EGP Opening

Successful Pond Cut Following Winter Dredging Edgartown Great Pond remains open and the tidal flush continues. The Pond cut on February 28, 2021 and there has been sufficient tidal exchange to flush all regions of EGP. Following a breach of the barrier beach on Sunday February 28th, Edgartown Great Pond (EGP) is open, tidal, and […]

5th of March 2021

EGP Cut Update

The Pond Is Open & Tidal: Following a breach of the barrier beach on Sunday February 28th, Edgartown Great Pond (EGP) remains open, tidal, and connected to the Atlantic Ocean. There are 2 phases to an opening: 1) Drainage and 2) Tidal Exchange. Prior to the cut, EGP was ~4 feet above sea level and […]

26th of February 2021

EGP Cut & Dredging Update

Pond Cut Scheduled for Weekend: The current elevation of Edgartown Great Pond is ~4 feet above sea level. Pond cuts are possible when EGP is ≥ 3.5 feet above sea level. Shellfish Constable, Paul Bagnall, announced Monday afternoon at the meeting of the Edgartown Board of Selectmen that the Town of Edgartown has scheduled an […]

22nd of February 2021

Press Release: GPF & MBL

Trio of Ponds Partner with MBL

28th of January 2021

Great Pond Cut Update

High Water on EGP: Curious about the timing of the next cut?  The Town of Edgartown launched its dredge in Edgartown Great Pond on Monday January 25th, 2021. The dredge needs a high elevation pond for launch, operation, and hauling out.  As such, the Town plans to open EGP as soon as the dredging is […]

GPF Board Changes

After over two decades of service, Brendan O’Neill, Executive Director of the Vineyard Conservation Society, has stepped down from the Great Pond Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Brendan’s vast knowledge of Island ecosystems, both environmental and political, has informed and guided the work of our Foundation.  We are all deeply indebted to Brendan for the generosity […]

27th of January 2021

Winter Dredging

Edgartown to Dredge EGP: The Town of Edgartown launched its dredge into Edgartown Great Pond on Monday, January 25, 2021 in preparation for dredging of the Pond. The Town of Edgartown holds a comprehensive dredging permit in Edgartown and there are currently two areas in the Great Pond where dredging is permitted: 1) the delta […]

16th of December 2020

Drawn to Water

Why are people drawn to water? By Emily Reddington Sunrise over the Pond in December is a dynamic watercolor painting with ever-increasing light.  Since adopting a puppy this fall, I have seen my fair share of sunrises.  One morning three otters gathered near the pond shore, the first carried a fish in its mouth and […]