Next Generation Initiative

Are you the Pond’s Next Generation?

Community members gathered at a Summer Beach Seine event.
Since 2021, GPF has been working to bring the next generation of our Pond community together through the the Next Generation Initiative .

True sustainability requires engagement and participation from all members of the community and it is our goal to bring together those that will be the next generation responsible for the Pond’s stewardship.

Conceived by Lisa Berkower (Kanomika neighbor) and Anne Mazar (GPF Director and Clerk) the Next Generation Initiative (NGI) aims to bring together the younger generation of Edgartown Great Pond neighbors and foster an interest in preserving and protecting the Pond. Many of those involved are children or grandchildren of the community members who have been participating in pond stewardship for decades.
The NGI hosts events during the summer and in the off-season. To be invited to all this year’s events, sign up below!

The NGI may be for you if :

  • you care about the Pond and keeping it thriving for generations to come
  • you like the Pond and you want to learn more about its creatures
  • you think “the cut” is cool, but you have no idea when or how it is made
  • you want to meet others from around the Pond
  • you are interested in activities on the Pond in the summer
  • you want to stay connected to the Pond in the off-season
  • you have questions you want answered by scientists and fellow pond-lovers