About Us

2014-07-12_02_Morning Light, EGP, Edgartown


Since 1998, the Great Pond Foundation has focused on enhancing the health of the Edgartown Great Pond through science, research, and education – in partnership with the town of Edgartown and other concerned organizations.


Our goals are to educate the public to the pond’s value and condition, and support the town of Edgartown in enhancing its recreational and ecological features.

  • Discover the physical properties of the Pond and the creatures who inhabit it. Learn more
  • Explore our work including Water Quality and Ecological Monitoring Program. Learn more
  • Learn about our Summer Science Internship. Learn more

Our Team

President David Luening  
Vice President Michael Shalett  
Treasurer Robert Rukeyser  
Clerk Curt Greer  
Directors John Coskie, William Darman, Anne Mazar, Brendan O`Neill  
Chief Financial Officer Barbara Conroy Contact Barbara
Executive Director Emily Reddington Contact Emily
Scientific Program Manager Julie Pringle Contact Julie

GPF Council

  • Mike Corbo
  • Brian McCaslin
  • Tony Hull
  • Terry Kassel
  • Melani Nardone
  • Zeev Pearl
  • Richard Saltzman
  • Melissa Vail