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28th of September 2023

EGP Fall Cut

Great Pond Cut Scheduled- Edgartown Great Pond will be cut to the Atlantic Ocean the morning of Friday, September 29th, 2023 by the Town of Edgartown. The elevation of the Great Pond is currently 3.67 feet above Local Mean Sea Level (LMSL) and the cut is timed to coincide with the spring tide of the […]

Two Coves Closed to Shellfishing

Two Coves of EGP Closed to Shellfishing by Mass DMF Slough and Wintucket Coves of Edgartown Great Pond were “CLOSED TO SHELLFISHING” by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (Mass DMF) “as of sunrise on September 14, 2023” according to a letter sent to Edgartown Selectboard dated September 13, 2023. The letter details a change […]

30th of August 2023

Scientists Studying MV Groundwater

According to the recent article in the New York Times, the US is consuming groundwater “like there is no tomorrow”. According to USGS (US Geological Survey) Groundwater is water that exists underground in saturated zones beneath the land surface. The upper surface of the saturated zone is called the water table. Contrary to popular belief, […]

9th of August 2023

Cut Update

It has been a while since our latest cut update, so we wanted to celebrate the smashing success of the April cut which stayed open and tidal for 20+ days following winter dredging by the Town of Edgartown. This is excellent news for Edgartown Great Pond and all the life within its depths. We have […]

GPF Annual Report – 2022

We are proud to bring you Great Pond Foundation’s Annual Report – 2022. Β Please join Great Pond Foundation in our efforts to cultivate the resilience of our coastal pond ecosystems through science, collaboration, and education. It is going to take an Island of informed and engaged community members to protect our precious ponds. ~ Discover […]

8th of August 2023

Congratulations David

Please join GPF in congratulating David Bouck on his promotion to Director of Science and Collaboration. In this newly created position, David oversees the Foundation’s scientific endeavors and collaborative efforts. David originally joined GPF’s team in February 2021 as our Watershed Outreach Manager. During his time at GPF David has demonstrated excellence in fostering collaborative […]

23rd of March 2023

Cut Failure

When Is The Next Cut? The question on everyone’s mind is: When will Edgartown Great Pond be cut? Edgartown Great Pond was cut open to the Atlantic Ocean on the morning of Saturday March 11th, 2023. It was a windy morning and unfortunately the barrier beach re-sealed before the pond could drain and flush. The […]

10th of March 2023

EGP March Cut

Edgartown Great Pond to Be Cut Saturday Edgartown Shellfish Constable, Rob Morrison, confirmed today, Friday, that Edartown Great Pond will be cut to the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday morning, March 11th, 2023. Salinity remains critically low and the last several pond cuts have not stayed open long enough for a pond-wide flush that decreases nutrient […]

7th of February 2023

Dredging EGP 2022

Per the Town of Edgartown’s Dredge Committee meeting, the Town’s dredge was launched into Edgartown Great Pond in late January. Dredging commenced Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 once the weather window was favorable. This is great news for the health of Edgartown Great Pond! Salinity is critically low and the last several pond cuts have not […]


You’re invited! Join GPF scientists, Island health agents, and pond community members to discuss cyanobacteria blooms and monitoring in 2022…plus plans for 2023. In 2022 coastal ponds showed more algal growth than 2021 and this followed the trend region-wide. Cyanobacteria blooms are also know as cyanoHABs, as they are one type of Harmful Algal Blooms. […]