Spring Update

Edgartown Great Pond is a brackish pond, which means it is a combination of saltwater and freshwater. EGP is a living ecosystem that depends on regular and effective seawater flushes for its survival. When the pond is open to the ocean, cool, clean, and salty seawater infuses EGP with salt. Salinity is a measure of the amount of salt dissolved in the water. Higher salinities allow oysters and eelgrass to thrive, which strengthens the Pond’s ecosystem.

The image below illustrates changes in the bottom-depth salinity after the most recent cut on April 16, 2024.

The white boxes indicate the salinity ppt and the blue/red boxes indicate the change after the cut

Cut closed after ~8 day opening

Based on the graph, it appears that the cut closed sometime around midnight on 4/25, which would entail a ~8 day opening.

Video courtesy of Cornelius Sullivan
Video courtesy of Cornelius Sullivan