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6th of November 2018

Algal Blooms

Understanding and Combating Algal Blooms: What is an algal bloom? Under specific environmental conditions phytoplankton (microscopic single cell algae) and macroalgae (seaweed visible with the naked eye; as seen in 2018) may grow rapidly or be physically accumulated by currents in a localized area, leading to a “bloom.” Such blooms may be harmful, with either […]

Seasonal Cycles

As Seasons Change, So Does the Pond: Falling leaves, concord grapes, migrating monarchs, and ripening pumpkins alert us that our New England summer has transitioned into fall.  The autumnal cycle brings fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures.  Exuberant expressions of fall color are daily reminders of this seasonal transition on land.  What we may […]

22nd of August 2018

The Cut Closed

The Opening of EGP to the Ocean Closed: Under the direction of Shellfish Constable Paul Bagnall, the barrier beach along the south shore of Edgartown Great Pond was cut open to the Atlantic Ocean on Monday August 20th, 2018. After several hours of Pond drainage, observed by the Jones family, the tide shifted towards high […]

24th of July 2018

GPF Annual Report – 2017

Explore our work in the 2017 Annual Report! We are proud to bring you Great Pond Foundation’s Annual Report – 2017.  Please explore our work and learn about how our data demonstrate the increase in water quality and Pond health over the last decade. ~ Learn about the wonders of Eelgrass and Blue Carbon. ~ […]

Summer Projects to Help EGP

Get Involved with GPF: Join our 3rd Annual STEM Camp at the Edgartown School Contact Barbara for Registration Details Help Us Map the Eelgrass Meadows of Edgartown Great Pond by Kayak Contact Emily for Details Help Fund GPF Programs

Tunicate Fouling in EGP

Tunicate fouling in Edgartown Great Pond eelgrass meadows: Mary R. Carman, WHOI             Shallow water coastal habitats are delicate ecosystems that are particularly susceptible to imbalances. A healthy coastal ecosystem is composed of a diversity of species that do not negatively impact each other, and that interact and contribute to […]

20th of July 2018

Algal Update for EGP

Algae Identified & Current Water Quality Data: WHOI scientists, Mindy Richlen and colleagues believe the macro algae to be Ulva, most likely  U. flexuosa paradoxa.  Species identification can be tricky because the morphology (physical form) of Ulva is influenced by environmental conditions.  In 2008 the macro-algal bloom was identified as Enteromorpha clathrata.  The genera Enteromorpha and Ulva […]

16th of July 2018

Algal Bloom

Green filamentous algae is blooming in Edgartown Great Pond: Great Pond Foundation scientific staff noticed several isolated floating patches of bright green algae on Thursday July 12th, in Edgartown Great Pond. These clumps appear to be green filamentous algae and were noticed along the barrier beach, just west of Crackatuxet Cove.  With the help of […]

2nd of July 2018

Jellyfish Sightings

Clinging Jellyfish Sightings in EGP: Over the course of the last week there have been several sightings of jellyfish in Edgartown Great Pond that appear to be Gonionemus vertens, or the Clinging Jellyfish.  So far we know of 2 individuals spotted off of the Town Landing and ~10 individuals seen west of Kanomika Point. These Clinging […]

12th of March 2018

A Successful Cut

The Pond level is down! The level of Edgartown Great Pond has already dropped 5 feet!  Yesterday afternoon around low tide the opening was over 100 feet wide and flowing with tremendous volume.  The water level then continued to drop a vertical inch every ten minutes.  The water level continues to drain through the opening.  […]