We are proud to bring you Great Pond Foundation’s Annual Report – 2022.  Please join Great Pond Foundation in our efforts to cultivate the resilience of our coastal pond ecosystems through science, collaboration, and education. It is going to take an Island of informed and engaged community members to protect our precious ponds.

~ Discover how Eelgrass Embodies Ecosystem Resilience.

~ Learn about MV CYANO in 2022 and about the cyanobacteria blooms across the Island.

~ Dig deeper in nutrient pollution in Nitrogen, Wastewater, and Title 5. The MA DEP has chosen to leave the Island out of the nitrogen regulations that are now in place for Cape Cod. However, reducing nitrogen throughout our coastal ponds is essential to protecting and restoring their ecological health.

~ Join us in our mission to Save Our Seagrass, as eelgrass ecosystems are one of our Island’s most precious and rare habitats .

GPF Annual Report – 2022