2019 – A Year in Images

Pictures taken on Edgartown Great Pond and at our STEM Camp in 2019.

As the decade comes to a close, it is natural to reflect on all that has happened.  In our personal lives, and in health of the Pond, there are many events that have shaped what we experience today.  In 2009 GPF launched Nessie in response to the recommendations of the MEP and other scientific studies in order to increase the effectiveness of Pond openings.  At the close of 2019 we are in the midst of a 40+ day tidal flush that is infusing Edgartown Great Pond with salty, clean, seawater.  What a fortuitous way to begin 2020!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

2019 In Rewind

2019 ends with a successful open and flush of the Pond

A balmy Christmas Day at the Cut – December 25, 2019. Photo courtesy of Zeev Pearl.

Beauty is reflected in every corner of the Pond

Mashakett Cove – Winter 2019. Photo courtesy of Anne Mazar.

We have a lot to be grateful for in 2019

Scientifically informed Pond management is essential in a changing climate

Scientists from WHOI, the MBL, and the EPA help us study and understand the Pond

GPF hosted Local Waters, Living Waters, a summer science speaker series

We made some profoundly beautiful memories

Megan Carroll, WHOI Engineer & Vision Fellow taught another stellar STEM Camp

Our summer intern, Justine Cassel, helped us understand water quality before and after the Cut

Pond elevation data taught us that every cut is unique

Julie Pringle joined our team as Field Science Coordinator

The Pond received broad recognition as a Restoration Success Story

GPF commented on the impact of the proposed Meeting House development

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