Gratitude List:

We are grateful for…

a great Fall cut, the Pond is still tidal and flowing

Paul Bagnall, for getting the Pond open at a critical time to protect the eelgrass

our continued partnership with the town of Edgartown, using data to inform management

the Great Pond Foundation Council, a newly formed group of advisors from around the Pond

the Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard for funding our Pond Biodiversity study

the Vision Fellowship and its fellows for enhancing STEM programming for the Island

the Slough Farm Foundation, who hosted a summer Pond outreach event

the Bronner Family for funding the Microbial Diversity of EGP

EPA scientists helping us document the health of eelgrass in the Pond

assistance from the EPA and the MVC to identify “nutrient hot spots” in the watershed

our collaborators from WHOI and the MBL, Mary Carman and Kristin Gribble

the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group’s oyster restoration on EGP

Julie Pringle, our Field Science Coordinator

YOU, who make our work possible

Fall Flush

As of the 26th of November, the Pond is still open and flowing.  Following a day of drainage, when the Pond dropped from ~3.6 to 1.8 feet above sea level, we have had over a week of tidal flow through the cut. 

EGP was cut to the ocean on November 16th, 2019. The elevation of the Pond, with respect to sea level is depicted in blue.
Notice the bimodal (2 hump) tidal cycles each day.

When the Pond remains open and tidal, the water within the Pond is exchanged with clean, salty, and oxygenated seawater.  This infusion of salt is vital to the health of the eelgrass meadows and other Pond life.  Prior to the opening, the Pond had a salinity of about 15-16 ppt (parts per thousand).  The Atlantic Ocean is ~33 ppt.  After 8+ days of tidal exchange, the Pond salinity has risen to 26-28 ppt throughout. 

This figure shows the elevations of the Pond (blue) for the Summer & Fall cuts, and the salinity through time (ppt).

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