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16th of July 2018

Algal Bloom

Green filamentous algae is blooming in Edgartown Great Pond: Great Pond Foundation scientific staff noticed several isolated floating patches of bright green algae on Thursday July 12th, in Edgartown Great Pond. These clumps appear to be green filamentous algae and were noticed along the barrier beach, just west of Crackatuxet Cove. ย With the help of […]

2nd of July 2018

Jellyfish Sightings

Clinging Jellyfish Sightings in EGP: Over the course of the last week there have been several sightings of jellyfish in Edgartown Great Pond that appear to beย Gonionemus vertens, or the Clinging Jellyfish.ย  So far we know of 2 individuals spotted off of the Town Landing and ~10 individuals seen west of Kanomika Point. These Clinging […]

12th of March 2018

A Successful Cut

The Pond level is down! The level of Edgartown Great Pond has already dropped 5 feet!ย  Yesterday afternoon around low tide the opening was over 100 feet wide and flowing with tremendous volume.ย  The water level then continued to drop a vertical inch every ten minutes.ย  The water level continues to drain through the opening.ย  […]

8th of March 2018

The Pond is Open

Edgartown Great Pond is Draining! Thanks to the rapid response of GPF to the extremely elevated Pond level, Edgartown Great Pond is open and water is flowing to the ocean this morning.ย  The excavator returned to the cut early this morning to complete the opening that was started yesterday. Rough seas and very high tides […]

22nd of February 2018

Data Tells Encouraging Story for EGP

Edgartown Great Pond Health Improves: Edgartown Great Pond is a unique and remarkable natural gem that has captured the hearts of those who sail, fish, and explore its waters.ย  ย A decade after the release of the Massachusetts Estuary Project (MEP) Report on Edgartown Great Pond, water quality data indicate an improvement in the health of […]

5th of January 2018

A View of Frozen Edgartown Great Pond

Video and images of a frozen Edgartown Great Pond: Enjoy this beautiful view of a frozen EGP thanks to Island photographer and Edgartown resident, Fergus Henderson.   Thanks to Anne Mazar for these stunning images of the Pond in winter.

27th of December 2017

STEM Camp 2017

ย ย STEM Camp 2017 – Build a SeaPerch ROV: Last minute adjustments before field deployment in EGP

26th of December 2017

EGP 2017 – A Year of Images

2017 – A Year in Images From snowy days with Nor’easters blowing through, to sultry summer nights, and magical fall beach days, 2017 was full of beauty on Edgartown Great Pond. Thank you for supporting the work of Great Pond Foundation to preserve and protect this natural resource that is near and dear to all […]

22nd of October 2017

Fall Cut 2017

EGP is Open! Mid-day yesterday, Paul Bagnall and his crew completed the cut of Edgartown Great Pond to the Atlantic Ocean. As of the late afternoon, the water was flowing well, but had only dropped a bit. Let’s hope for a full Pond flush to refresh our the waters going into the winter season. As […]

19th of October 2017

Tunicate Collecting

Tunicate Collecting Katama & Cape Pogue   Great Pond Foundation (GPF) spent yesterday collecting tunicate (sea squirt) samples for the second stage of our Tunicate DNA Project.ย  Last winter we worked with Kristin Gribble at the MBL to develop a protocol to genetically identify tunicate samples that we collected from Edgartown Great Pond.ย  Check out […]