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2nd of February 2017

In Their Own Words

Learn from Our Interns: Our efforts at the Great Pond Foundation are dually focused on science and education because we feel that true sustainability is achieved when we teach our young scientists, educators, and leaders how to preserve this vibrant Island resource for future generations. Our scientific and educational activities are intimately linked, as we […]

Dredge Report – February 2017

Winter Work to Keep Edgartown Great Pond Healthy: Barrier beach openings Edgartown Great Pond was opened to the Atlantic Ocean three times prior to the start of Dredging Season.  After a one-day false start on October 15, the barrier beach was successfully opened on November 6th and continued to flush until November 15th. Mother Nature […]

Tunicate DNA Project

Genetic Identification of Tunicate Species: We are currently developing a protocol to genetically identify tunicates, or “sea squirts”, from their DNA. Tunicates are filter feeders can be either solitary or colonial.  Thanks to a morphological identification from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientist Mary Carman, we know that there are native species of tunicates currently present […]

22nd of December 2016

A Natural Cut

Pre-Thanksgiving Storm Opens Cut: Following high winds and strong seas, Edgartown Great Pond re-opened to the Atlantic Ocean prior to Thanksgiving.  The Pond level was visibly lower by the Tuesday November 22nd, and was at its lowest level all year by Friday November 25th.  Swan Neck was exposed all the way to the tip and […]

9th of November 2016

Second Time Is A Charm

Second Pond Cut Successful! The Edgartown Great Pond was cut to the Atlantic Ocean this Sunday November 6th, 2016.  This second fall cut was a success.  The water level of the Pond has dropped and the opening has remained open and flushing with the tide for multiple days.   Photos below show the water level […]

1st of November 2016

Shellfishing Reopens in Vineyard Waters

Shellfishing Ban Lifted: The Division of Marine Fisheries lifted the ban on shellfishing in Cape and Island waters on Monday, October 31, 2016.  The count of the harmful plankton, Pseudo-nitzschia,  has decreased in local waters to a level where it is no longer considered a threat to human health. Pseudo-nitzschia is a normal member of the local marine plankton community, […]

16th of October 2016

Pond Cut, 15 October 2016

The Pond is Cut! The Edgartown Great Pond was cut open to the Atlantic Ocean yesterday, October 15, 2016.  Today marks the October full moon and yesterday, during the cut, it was a 99% full waxing gibbous moon.  As of yesterday afternoon the water level of the Pond was dropping and there was a rapid […]

30th of September 2016

Real-Time Sensors coming to the Pond

Real-Time Pond Data! This spring our Education Coordinator, Emily Reddington, implemented a new water sampling regime. As a part of this new program, summer interns Sam Hartman and Natalie Scanlan collected water quality data twice a week at 10 locations around the Pond using a conductivity, temperature, and depth probe and nutrient data using a […]

21st of September 2016

Read the 2015-2016 Annual Report

The 2015-2016 Annual Report is available now! Meet our 2016 Summer Science Interns. Learn about our Water Sampling Program and the characteristics of a healthy pond. Explore the history of our Dredging Program and the progress we made this year.

5th of August 2016

Explore the Biology of Edgartown Great Pond on August 20th

Explore the Biology of Edgartown Great Pond on August 20th   The Great Pond Foundation invites you to come see what our interns are up to. Our High School and College Interns, Sam Hartman and Natalie Scanlan, will be demonstrating water sampling techniques, oyster restoration, and bird monitoring methods. This event is for children ages […]