Some years it seems more difficult to navigate to the barrier beach. The Pond was shallower in July of 2019 than July 2018 because of the timing of the opening. For most of the summer in 2018 the Pond elevation was 2.4-2.5 feet above sea level. After the cut in on July 29th, 2019 the Pond elevation was 1.1-1.6 feet above sea level, or more than a foot shallower than 2018 at low tide. Once the cut started to close and the Pond elevation (water level) began to rise, it became easier to motor to the barrier beach.

The easiest route by boat to the barrier beach is different from year to year. In 2018 the cut closed in a C-shape and you could navigate to the beach along this deep route. In 2019 there is one deep route up the middle and a path to the west of the delta. The Pond is dynamic and the pattern of the sand below the surface of the water is as well.