Edgartown Great Pond Health Improves:

Edgartown Great Pond is a unique and remarkable natural gem that has captured the hearts of those who sail, fish, and explore its waters.   A decade after the release of the Massachusetts Estuary Project (MEP) Report on Edgartown Great Pond, water quality data indicate an improvement in the health of the estuary.  Great Pond Foundation data indicate that dissolved oxygen levels and pond clarity have increased and meet or exceed water quality targets.  There is evidence that eelgrass beds are expanding and MVC data indicate that nitrogen levels are decreasing.  Learn more in GPF’s full report or from this week’s Vineyard Gazette.

Signs of Improving Estuary Health
  1. Dissolved Oxygen levels increasing— 6.0 mg/L target
  2. Water Clarity improved—can see bottom in most locations
  3. Nitrogen levels decreasing—approaching 0.5 mg/L target
  4. Eelgrass beds expanding—first observed in 2015
Key Management Strategies
  1. GPF’s annual dredging program
  2. MVSG’s oyster restoration program
  3. Town of Edgartown’s effective pond management
How Do We Keep the Pond Healthy?
  1. Continue annual water quality monitoring
  2. Continue shellfish restoration efforts
  3. Continue GPF’s annual dredging program
  4. Continue opening the Pond to support ecosystem health
  5. Map eelgrass distribution and density
  6. Get Informed and Support Estuary Health
  7. Support the efforts of GPF

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