Explore our work in the 2020 Annual Report!

We are proud to bring you Great Pond Foundation’s Annual Report – 2020.  Please join Great Pond Foundation in our efforts to restore the ecological health of our coastal ponds through scientifically informed management, public education, and community collaboration.It is going to take an Island of informed and engaged community members to protect our precious ponds.

~ Discover how we Document Diversity in Edgartown Great Pond.

~ Learn about MV CYANO, the Island’s 1st cyanobacteria monitoring program.

~ Enjoy reflections on the History of Mattakeset Creek from Michael Shalett.

GPF Annual Report – 2020

Curious about the sources of nitrogen pollution in our Great Ponds?

This is the first installment of the Island Ponds Community Workshop, held on December 2nd, 2021, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Javier Lloret giving a presentation entitled: Using Stable Isotopes to Identify Sources & Effects of Nitrogen Pollution in Great Pond.
Our ponds are struggling! Why, and how do we fix it?
Keynote Speaker Dr. Javier Lloret of Marine Biological Laboratory will discuss the use of isotopes to identify nitrogen pollution sources. 
A Presentation of the Dave and Doris Luening Pond Sustainability Series.
A panel discussion of local experts, including Dave Grunden, Paul Bagnall, Melinda and Michael Loberg, Chris Seidel and Javier Lloret will follow.