2018 – A Year in Images

Pictures taken on Edgartown Great Pond in 2018.

Whether we are ice skating on the Pond in winter, shell fishing in warming waters of the spring, celebrating summer on the shore, or soaking up the fall beauty and solitude, Edgartown Great Pond provides something special to us all year round. Thank you for supporting the work of Great Pond Foundation to preserve and protect this natural resource that is near and dear to us all.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2019!

2018 In Review

2018 started on an icy note with a frozen Pond and frigid temperatures

This beautiful view of a frozen EGP thanks to Island photographer and Edgartown resident, Fergus Henderson.

Thanks to Anne Mazar for these stunning images of the Pond in winter.


Then things began to thaw…

GPF released a water quality report

After an extreme high water event, the Pond was cut in March and remained tidal for 8+ weeks

Spring brought back warmer temperatures, our wonderful interns, and growing eelgrass beds

Spencer Goldsmith
Sam Hartman

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We saw the introduction of Clinging Jellyfish

The Pond experienced an Algal Bloom

GPF Hosted a STEM Camp

We saw the return of Blue Crabs

The Pond had a remarkable wild oyster set

The Pond was cut and lowered going into fall

GPF leadership changes were announced

The Pond began to freeze and the dredging season commenced