Learn from Our Interns:

Our efforts at the Great Pond Foundation are dually focused on science and education because we feel that true sustainability is achieved when we teach our young scientists, educators, and leaders how to preserve this vibrant Island resource for future generations.

Our scientific and educational activities are intimately linked, as we are mentoring young scientists they are learning by collecting actual data.  Hear from them in their own words.

Sam Hartman was our high school summer intern in 2016 and we are thrilled that he will be back with us this summer!   Here he explains how we measure water clarity:


Natalie Scanlan, on the left, was our college level summer intern in 2016.   We were lucky enough to have her stay on with us into the fall to continue to collect data and to work on our website. In this video Natalie is deploying the CTD, or Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Probe:


Dani, our field technician explains what we record when we arrive at each station and how to use a Secchi Disk to measure the clarity of the water in Edgartown Great Pond: