When will the Pond be cut?

Although the elevation of Edgartown Great Pond is on the rise, it is not quite high enough for a cut. The Pond is currently just shy of 3 feet above sea level, ~ 0.5 foot below the minimum threshold needed for a successful cut. There are 2 inches of rain in the forecast and depending on precipitation a cut is tentatively scheduled for Sunday August 8th, per Paul Bagnall, Edgartown Shellfish Constable. The final decision will likely be made tomorrow.
Since GPF began monitoring the elevation of EGP against sea level (NAVD88 for reference), all successful openings have taken place when the pond had a minimum elevation of 3.5 feet above sea level.  Any openings that were attempted below this threshold failed.  During this time period there has been winter dredging every winter except 2019-2020 (highlighted in blue). The first opening in 2020 following this winter without dredging, resulted in a poor flush of the pond.