When is it time to cut EGP?

The current elevation of EGP is ~2.9 feet above sea level. Successful cuts occur at ~3.5 feet above sea level.
Although the elevation of Edgartown Great Pond is on the rise, it is not quite high enough for a cut. The Pond is currently approximately 2.9 feet above sea level, below the 3.5 foot minimum threshold needed for a successful cut.  Since GPF began monitoring the elevation of EGP against sea level (NAVD88 for reference), all successful openings have taken place when the pond had a minimum elevation of 3.5 feet above sea level.  Any openings that were attempted below this threshold failed.  During this time period there has been winter dredging every winter except 2019-2020 (highlighted in blue). The first opening in 2020 following this winter without dredging, resulted in a poor flush of the pond.