High Water on EGP:

The elevation of EGP has been modulated by the opening of the sluiceway.

Curious about the timing of the next cut?  The Town of Edgartown launched its dredge in Edgartown Great Pond on Monday January 25th, 2021. The dredge needs a high elevation pond for launch, operation, and hauling out.  As such, the Town plans to open EGP as soon as the dredging is complete, and the dredge has been hauled out of the water.  The Dredge Committee is working in conjunction with the Shellfish Department to coordinate these activities. 

The elevation of Edgartown Great Pond is hovering around 3.7 feet above sea level, modulated by the open sluiceway that drains into Crackatuxet. Paul Bagnall removed a couple of boards on the sluiceway on January 5th, 2021.  When there was extreme flooding in March of 2018, the Edgartown Great Pond was >5 feet above sea level.  That is a situation we never ever want to see repeated—both for the health of the pond and the protection of homes. 

Although the current elevation of EGP is higher than we normally see it this time of year, the Pond is about 18 inches below the extreme high water mark of March 2018.  Neither GPF, nor the Town, ever wants to approach that extreme elevation again.  The Town currently plans to open EGP, following dredging in mid to late February.

Please know that GPF is keeping a close eye on both Pond elevation and the progress of dredging.  We are grateful to the Town of Edgartown for their continued stewardship and data-informed management of Edgartown Great Pond.