The Pond level is down!

The level of Edgartown Great Pond has already dropped 5 feet!  Yesterday afternoon around low tide the opening was over 100 feet wide and flowing with tremendous volume.  The water level then continued to drop a vertical inch every ten minutes.  The water level continues to drain through the opening.  With some luck, the cut will remain open and continue to flush the estuary during the Nor’easter.  It is possible however that the high winds and sea brought by the storm could close the cut and change the Pond level.

The Cut, March 11, 2018. Photo by Chris Carroll.


With the Pond shore exposed, creatures are feasting on the uncovered treasures.  Otter and raccoon tracks line the shoreline, evidence of an early morning meal.  As of about 10 am the newly exposed neck was filled with gluttonous gulls and crows. Oysters, mussels, clams, and crabs line the shore and are ready for the taking.