Real-Time Pond Data!

This spring our Education Coordinator, Emily Reddington, implemented a new water sampling regime. As a part of this new program, summer interns Sam Hartman and Natalie Scanlan collected water quality data twice a week at 10 locations around the Pond using a conductivity, temperature, and depth probe and nutrient data using a photometer.  This September Natalie continued the program and Danielle Cleary joined our team so that we can gather data that tracks changes in the Pond as we head towards winter.  Learn more about the gear and water sampling.



Dani deploying Secchi Disk


Natalie deploying CTD probe, Dani recording field measurements










In addition to this twice a week sampling, we are working to deploy real-time dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature sensors in the Pond to collect a live stream of water quality data. In August, the Great Pond Foundation partnered with HereLab to conduct a STEM class for 10-17 year olds to produce these real-time sensors.


HereLab STEM class, August 2016

Right now, in collaboration with HereLab, we are in the process of calibrating the DO and temperature sensors and getting them ready for deployment in the Pond.  The sensors will allow us to see changes in the water system as they occur. Have you ever wondered if the cut is open or not?  These sensors, once in place, can let us know!  Data will be transmitted 12-24 times a day from the Pond to our computer.  The sensors will also let us know how quickly the water from the cut flows to the coves.  Stay tuned!